How Motorcycle Controls Work

Tutorial to Motorcycle Controls

There are certain parts of the motorcycle that you need to know about that you’ll need to get proficient at that help you ride a motorcycle. They are the throttle, the clutch lever, the gear shift lever, the front brake lever and the rear brake pedal.

The trottle is located on the right handgrip and controls the engine speed. You roll the handgrip towards you. When you let go of the handgrip it should spring back to the idle position.

The clutch lever is located in front of the left handgrip and is used to disengage power to the the rear wheel. When reengaging power to the rear wheel, release the clutch lever slowly away from the hand grip.

The gear shift lever is located in front of the left footrest. It shifts the transmission from one gear to the next. You press the lever up or down with your left foot pending on which gear you want. From bottom to top, the gears in order are as follows: 1-neutral-2-3-4-5-6. The bike you choose may not have all 6.

The front brake lever is located in front of the right handgrip. You squeeze the lever toward the handgrip to apply the brake.

The rear brake pedal is located in front of the right foot rest. you press down on the brake pedal to apply the brake. Do not stomp down on the brake unless you want to lock up the rear brake.